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What we do

We Are Experts & Believe In Our Services.

We pride ourselves in offering flexible and adaptable solutions designed to meet the needs of a variety of organisations, from local small event organisers to larger corporate customers, throughout the UK.

Planning is an important part of the success of any event and we are able to help you assess your medical cover needs.


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Seasonal Events Services

We can provide medical cover for Firework Events, Halloween fright nights, summer camps and 

Patient Transport Services

Private patient transport services, in CQC ambulances throughout the UK, including repatriation and High Dependency Transfers. 

Festival Medics Services

From small festivals to larger well known festivals, our team clinicians are able to provide outstanding medical cover.


Sporting Events Services

EMATS provide medical cover for a number of well known stadiums throughout the UK covering football, rugby and music events.

Nighttime Economy Services

Comprehensive medical cover for parties, nightclubs, and town centres reducing alcohol hospital admissions.

What Our Clients Say

Rachael Wood

Managing Director – Nice Work

I'm grateful for the partnership that we have developed between us and genuinely love working with you all. Thank you for the safe hands, support, smiles and laughter you and the team bring to our events.

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