Here at EMATS we have drive and passion to be the best that we can possibly be, it is for this reason that the four directors that are listed below are educated specialists in their fields, giving all of their time and effort to our contractors and clients to give them the best experience possible. EMATS strive to deliver the best service possible. We see EMATS as as the future of the event medicine world and have a passion to drive the changes of the future.

Founder/Managing Director
01268 851419 (ext 101)

Russell is the Managing Director of EMATS where his main role is to oversee the general management of the company alongside the other three directors. Russell is a highly experienced director holding memberships and awards with multiple different professional disciplinary's.


Russell currently holds a Level 4 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care alongside the Level 3 Award in Safe Administration of Life Saving Medication. Allowing him to give the best possible clinical care when he is working out and about at events.​

Alongside this Russell plays a vital role in staff development as he is an experienced trainer and assessor in a number of subject areas such as Pre-Hospital Care, First Aid, Health & Safety and Fire Safety.

Mr. Harry Bodle-Jones AMRSPH
Founder/Operations Director
01268 851419 (ext 102)

Harry is the Operations Director for EMATS where his duties include running the day-to-day operational aspects of the company, which includes communicating with clients, and staff to ensure that EMATS are the best that they can possibly be. As well as this Harry is always striving to ensure that EMATS is delivering the up most highest standard of professional and clinical care. Harry’s role also includes aspects of Managerial, Administrative and Clinical Duties. 


Harry is completing a Bachelor of Science Degree at University in Paramedic Science BSc (Hons). Harry is working full time for the NHS Ambulance Service as well as within the Urgent Care and General Practice Settings. 

A lot of Harry's time has been spent developing his skills and abilities within the urgent care setting, attending courses designed specifically for urgent care practitioners whilst also currently awaiting the start of his Level 7 Post Graduate Certificate (PGCert) in Urgent and Emergency Care.


In addition to this Harry is also a Trainer and Assessor for EMATS holding a Level 3 Award in Education and Training, as well as a Level 4 Award in Understanding the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice. Alongside the rest of the team Harry specialises in teaching the Medical Courses offered by EMATS. 

Ms. Antonia Perry ACIEH
Founder/HR & Recruitment Director
01268 851419 (ext 103)

Antonia is the Human Recourses and Recruitment Director here at EMATS, this role sees Antonia working hard on a daily basis to ensure that all members of the medical team are kept up to date with their skills and competencies. In addition to this Antonia is also always actively recruiting new contractors who are the best of their field to work along side EMATS out at events.


Antonia currently holds a Level 4 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care alongside the Level 3 Award in Safe Administration of Life Saving Medication.​

In addition to this Antonia is also a fully qualified trainer and assessor, which allows her to deliver specialist training for EMATS for both internal and external members of staff, this allows not only the regulation of the current staff compliance but also the development of the staff allowing them to further their education and knowledge base.

Mr. Tony Cavanagh BSc (Hons), MCPara, AMRSPH
Clinical  Director
01268 851419 (ext 104)

Tony is the Clinical Director for EMATS. Where his main duty is to ensure that event plans are safe and are within the national requirements, it is also to ensure the level of medical cover within EMATS works alongside all national and legal requirements.


Tony is a HCPC registered Paramedic, who has been working and volunteering in the events industry since 2012. Tony has a vast knowledge base surrounding event medicine and is seen as an expert in his field.


Tony’s current roles outside of EMATS include being a Rapid Response Paramedic Practitioner for a South London Hospital avoidance team, as well as this Tony is also a  Specialist Primary Care Paramedic within a General Practice located in London.


In addition to this Tony is also a qualified trainer with a Level 3 award in Education and Training.


Helping EMATS achieve noting but the best in the event medicine world are our team of specialist clinical leads who are experts in their chosen fields. These specialists are on hand day and night offering detailed specialist advice in their chosen areas. This allows for the for the best possible patient care to be delivered in the safest and most effective way. 

Dr Caoimhe St John BSc, MSc, PhD
Clinical lead for Infection Control and Safeguarding

Caoimhe is a HCPC registered paramedic who completed her BSc at the University of Hertfordshire, later joining the LAS whilst also completing event work starting in 2015 - since then she continued to further her education earning her PhD in immunology and microbiology, with her thesis being in IPC.


She currently works for a general practice in South London as a paramedic practitioner, along side being the safeguarding and learning disability lead for the surgery.

With Caoimhe's advanced knowledge base her role within EMATS it to provide specialist support with regards to the Infection Prevention and Control as well as safeguarding maters that arise within the day to day running of EMATS.

As well as this you are also likely to see Caoimhe working as a Paramedic out and about at events that EMATS are running across the UK.

Ms. Chandni
Clinical  lead for Pharmaceuticals

Chandni is a GPHC registered Independent prescribing pharmacist, She qualified in 2011 from London School of Pharmacy, London with MPharm degree. In the first few years of her career she worked at community pharmacy in South London and then later in 2018 joined a GP surgery to work as practice pharmacist. Chandni completed her Independent prescribing course for University of Hertfordshire in 2020. 


Chandni is working  at GP surgery in Croydon running clinics. As well as this Chandni also works at community pharmacy in Croydon which allows her to work closely with other health professional in the local community to deliver NHS services. Chandni actively supports the development, education and training of colleagues. This includes conduct regular medication reviews, audits and risk assessments within EMATS to protect patient and public safety.

Ms. Francesca Demain BSc (Hons)
Clinical  lead for Resuscitation and Critical Care

Fran holds a BSc (Hons) in Adult Nursing following her graduation from university in 2006, following this she gained extra experience within critical care and outreach for major London hospitals. It was following this that Fran then gained post graduation qualification in Intensive Care and  Advanced Life Support, in addition to all of this Fran is also a resuscitation trainer, nurse prescriber and advanced assessor.

Frans role as the clinical lead for resuscitation and critical care is to ensure that all of the medical team are up to date with their principal and knowledge surrounding critical care and resuscitation meaning that only the best standard of care is given to patients by the EMATS medical team.

Ms. Jean James BA, RN2, RN3
Clinical  lead for Mental Health and Dementia

Jean is a highly experienced and dedicated nurse within her chosen field of speciality. Jean has achieved  a BA in Health Care as well as being a registered adult nurse and mental health nurse.

Jean is currently working in a Nursing Home for patients with advanced stage dementia, throughout Jean's carer she has been dedicated to working face to face with patients diagnosed with a vast range of mental health conditions and advanced dementia.

Before Jeans work at the Nursing Home she was working as a nurse in specialist geriatric wards within Stoke Mandeville Hospital and  St Johns Hospital before then moving to the Manor House where she was a Clinical Charge Nurse and development lead on a specialist rehabilitation unit.