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Film, TV & Stunt Cover

If you are an ambulance provider and require additional suppourt your production, you have come to the right place. 

We understand that productions have strict deadlines, the health and well-being of crew and cast is of paramount importance. That is why our teams carry the necessary equipment to ensure we keep you going no matter what ailments or injuries should occur on set.

For major high risk stunts our Critical Care Paramedics and Nurses are experienced and kitted to deal with any situation should the unexpected happen.

We have a number of fully kitted front-line ambulances that give our medical teams a safe, clean, clinical environment to work in. We can supply solo medics or a full team. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

In Vision Ambulances & Ambulance Crew

If your production requires "in vision"  ambulances and crew, why opt for extras when you can have the real thing! Having experienced ambulance crew in your scenes brings realism to your production, by ensuring we use the right equipment, uniform and terminology you can be assured of total accuracy! 

We can also supply modern ambulances for your productions, these are fully equipped to NHS level. We also have rapid response cars and 4x4 vehicles. Why not browse our gallery to take a look at our fleet. 

Construction and De-rig Cover

Film set constructions and de-rigs can be very hazardous activities. For the safety and well-being of your riggers EMATS can provide medical and welfare cover. Our teams are very experienced at covering constructions and de-rigs. We have provided cover for some very high profile productions. We can also provide cover for lighting and special effects tests. 

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